Recomended trip in Lyngen, The Lyngen Alps
Use of car, park and make short og longer walks
Walk in valies, not up on high mountains

Under i give you some recomdatinons for trips in Lyngen area. You can reach most of the Lyngen area in 2 houers drive from Tromsø.

As you see on the map, you can reach Lyngen driving inland OR use one/two ferries (crossing Ullsfjorden and Lyngsfjorden).
The traveltime to Lyngseidet is aprox 2 houers (inland OR ferry)

Furher down I have been writing comments on each place/area.
Where ever you decide to drive, you ca jump of the car and do short or longer walks.
I start of June, I gues that er show is typical from 400-500 meters and higher up.
When I show my trip-reports, it is mainly to show pictures from the area ...
not do not need to reach the top of the mountains !

Jan R Olsen have been writing a very nice book with NICE pictures from Lyngen, Check here>

Hamnes (se further down) is a beautuful place. One of the best views to the Lyngen Alps.
It is also possible to hire a room at Hamnes (se web link further down)


Lyngsdalen and Steindalen ( se web links further down) has botn cabins that can be hiered (cheap)
The two cabins has no electricity, only fireplace.
Picures on the links to Lyngsdalen and Steindalen (se web link further down)

Info about Steindalen cabin, se "Storeng Steindal Trim">
Contact person for rental: Tormund Kristiansen   tlf  47 911 20 034  /  47 777 14 230  

Info about Lyngsdalen cabin:
Users need key to open.
Price 1 day, Kr 100 pr døgn (25 mai 2010).
Max 20 persons. Some sleeping bags. Gas for cocking.
Contack person for hier and key:
Aud Sørensen, Furuflaten - mobil 47 99 29 13 56
Viktor Sørensen, Furuflaten - mobil 47 90 95 83 38




Furuplaten and Lyngsdalen

Over - Lyngsdalen, Furuflaten, Lyngsfjorden. 2 houers drive from Tromsø
My pictures from Lyngsdalen >


Over - Steindalen near Furuflaten, Lyngsfjorden. 2 houers drive from Tromsø
My pictures from Steindalen >


Uløya and Hamnes

Over - Hamnes. Lyngen Alps behind
Check this link to the owner of Hamnes. Rooms, Shop ...

Lakselvbukt and Goverdalen

Over - Lakselvbukt, Goverdalen, Lakselvdalen. 1 houer drive from Tromsø
My pictures from that area >         A:            B:          C:

Gjøvik and Fornesdalen

Over: Fornesdalen, Gjøvik, Ulsfjorden. 2 houers drive from Tromsø
My pictures from Fornesdalen >



My link to the trip >



My link to trips>            A               B             C

Visit Lyngstuva, the northest point in Lyngen fjorden. Easy walk from Russelv, near Nor-Lenangen



My link to trip>            A


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